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Work Printers

Xerox has the best printer for your business, from network printers to portable printers and more.

With a Xerox PrinterSupport, you can scan to create both a print and digital copy of any document that can then be easily archived, stored, shared, retrieved, emailed, faxed or printed. If you are not certain what you are looking for in a PrinterSupport, you can review our detailed list of considerations for selecting a business PrinterSupport.

Scanning & Distribution Software

  • Xerox ConnectKey for SharePoint – Capture and route directly to SharePoint folders
  • Xerox SMARTdocument Travel™ – Automate your repetitive document capture workflows
  • Scan to PC Desktop™ – Routes files to your desktop, email or archive folder
Considerations When Evaluating Scanning Equipment

  • Ability to meet the different needs within your workgroup through a range of scanning speeds, document handling capacity and scalable features
  • Concurrency of scan/fax/print/copy functions so that more than one function is available at a time
  • Variety of file compressions; small sizes to reduce network traffic and large sizes for fine detail
  • Security features to control access and comply with information security policies, such as user authentication, secure address books, file encryption and file deletion
  • Scanning software solutions available that can simplify workflow and integrate scanned documents easily with other applications and document management systems
  • Scan to destination options such as scan to email, PC, network, USB memory devices

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